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PatchFix v20210116
Quests fixed:
- Wrath of the Emperor Quest
- The Thieves Guild Quest
- Postman Quest
- The Inquisition Quest
- Children of the Revolution Quest
- To Outfox a Fox Quest
- Firewalker boots quest
- The Ape City Quest

NPC fixes:
- (Kazordoon) A Dwarven Ghost
- (Kazordoon) Bezil
- (Kazordoon) Dronk
- (Kazordoon) Dukosch
- (Kazordoon) Dwarven Guard
- (Kazordoon) Gnome Trooper
- (Kazordoon) Gnomegica
- (Kazordoon) Gnomerrow
- (Kazordoon) Gnomincia
- (Kazordoon) Gnomission
- (Kazordoon) Grodrik
- (Kazordoon) Humgolf
- (Kazordoon) Iwar
- (Kazordoon) Jimbin
- (Kazordoon) kroox

Spells added:
- Scorch (exevo infir flam hur)
- Buzz (exori infir vis)
- Bruise Bane (exura infir ico)
- Mud Attack (exori infir tera)

Player-reported map errors have been fixed.
PatchFix v20210102
Quests fixed:
- The Ultimate Booze Quest
- The Hidden City of Beregar Quest

NPC fixes:
- (Ab'Dendriel) Bashira
- (Ab'Dendriel) Briasol
- (Ab'Dendriel) Elathriel
- (Ab'Dendriel) Eroth
- (Ab'Dendriel) Faluae
- (Ab'Dendriel) Finarfin
- (Ab'Dendriel) Guide Thelandil
- (Ab'Dendriel) Irea
- (Ab'Dendriel) Maealil
- (Ab'Dendriel) Repenter
- (Ab'Dendriel) Shanar
- (Ab'Dendriel) Shiriel
- (Ab'Dendriel) Ukea

- (Carlin) Bambi Bonecrusher
- (Carlin) Cornelia
- (Carlin) Dane
- (Carlin) Eva
- (Carlin) Florentine
- (Carlin) Guide Alexena
- (Carlin) Imalas
- (Carlin) Karl
- (Carlin) Lea
- (Carlin) Lector
- (Carlin) Legola
- (Carlin) Liane
- (Carlin) Nydala
- (Carlin) Padreia
- (Carlin) Perac
- (Carlin) Rachel
- (Carlin) Rowenna
- (Carlin) Sarina
- (Carlin) Trisha

Spells added:
- Chill Out (exevo infir frigo hur)
- Magic Patch (exura infir)

Added map of useful points to Guide Thelandil (NPC) and Guide Alexen (NPC) and an escort to Depo and the Temple. NPC Repenter was in a single version and I should be in six (each should have a different hair color). A Fluffy Squirrel (NPC) has been released. Dreadeye (NPC) has been returned to the map. The science of witchcraft by those intended for it were turned off.
Fixed Enchanting bug.
Fix the error of not obtaining the magic stones 'Small Ruby', 'Small Sapphire', 'Small Emerald' and 'Small Amethyst'.

Small Ruby
Small Sapphire
Small Emerald
Small Amethyst
Fixed Shiny Stone bug.
Fixed a bug not destroying Shiny Stone when using a pickaxe.

Shiny Stone
Fixed Surprise Bag bug.
Error appears when opening "Blue Present", "Red Present" and "Surprise Bag" gifts.

Blue Present
Red Present
Surprise Bag
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