Gumis-Real - Hard Server

Top 3 PowerGamers

+ Begie Dynia
Experience: 0
+ Vazefz
Experience: 0
+ Sir Genesis
Experience: 0

Top 3 Richest

+ Ramatis
Balance: 5,998,700gp
+ Salko Cox
Balance: 730,275gp
+ Young Paulinka
Balance: 689,865gp
Server update
Update D16.M02.R2022.G2241

Improving attack spells

Update D06.M03.R2022.G2156

Fixed healing spells, squad spells, and auxiliary spells.

Spell Arenas have been improved.

Fixed bugs on the map and optimize the server.

Update D05.M05.R2022.G1139

Improving server performance and its optimization.

Improvement of Mounts, Outfits and Professions.

Improved Attack, Support, Heal spells.

Improving the party system and monsters.