Cities are full of tasks for you!

Name NPC Location Description Prize
Oramond Quest Oramond

The citizens of Rathleton need your help!

Ghostship Quest - Ghostship

The undead have boarded your ship, take back and get valuable rewards that are on the enemy ship.

Draconia Quest - Hellgate, Draconia

The huge pyramid maze on Draconia hides valuable items.

Eleonore Quest Liberty Bay, Meriana

Eleonore lost her ring, help her find it.

From now on, we can move between the islands with turtles.

The Ultimate Booze Quest Venore

Deliver a bottle of brown ale to the Boozer.

The Hidden City of Beregar Quest Beregar

Somewhere deep below Fenrock lives a forgotten tribe of dwarves...

Wrath of the Emperor Quest Zao

The fight between lizards and dragons continues, help tip the tide of victory to one side.

The Thieves Guild Quest Thais

Join the Thieves Guild and complete various tasks for them. You'll get something out of it too.

Postman Quest Tibia

Join the postmen's guild and complete dangerous tasks for it, earning yourself a bit.

The Inquisition Quest Thais, Hero Cave

Legends say that only a few, very strong knights and mages will be able to overcome the evil that grows stronger day by day. You will have to face many strong monsters, visit the most distant places of Tibian lands.

Children of the Revolution Quest Zao, Muggy Plains

Help Zalamon initiate the rebellion.

10,000 EXP

To Outfox a Fox Quest Kazordoon area

Help Budrik recover his stolen helmet.

Firewalker boots quest Fenrock

Challenge an ancient dragon and get its treasure.

The Ape City Quest Banuta

Help Hairycles and his people in Banuta.

Access to Forbidden Lands and Deep Banuta

Lion's Rock Quest Salomon Darashia

To the northwest of Darashia is a rock with a temple to an unknown god.

Blessed Wooden Stake Quest Thais, Carlin, Ab'Dendriel, Kazordoon, Venore, Edron, Darashia, Ankrahmun, Liberty Bay

The road to the wooden blessed peg.

Blood Herb Quest - Swamp between Venore and Thais

Long ago, the witch, Wyda, fled the Inquisitor and his men from Carlin into the swamps surrounding Venore. From then on, he lives there and prepares his potions calmly. One of the most sought after by herself is Blood Herb, very rare.

Cloth Exchange Quest Venore

Irman willingly converted the content into material samples.

Orc Shaman Quest - Venore Orc Cave

Orc Shaman keep your treasures somewhere near Venore.

The Scatterbrained Sorcerer Quest Thais, Venore

Become an assistant to the mighty Eclesius and help him get his hat back.

10,000 EXP

Wedding Ring Quest - Venore - Troll Cave in the swamps

The troll hideout hides many interesting secrets.

Battle Axe Quest - Underground in Thais

The Axeman in Thais was bitten by rats.

Dead Archer Quest - Thais Troll Cave

The unfortunate man got lost in the Troll's den and was killed by Slim.

Gamel Quest Thais

Chester Kahs will reward us with a healing ring if we reveal what Gamel's plans are and if you have a healing crystal in your backpack.

Sweaty Cyclops Quest Ab'Dendriel

Cyclops needs a dress for his woman. Help him and he will help you one day.

Life Ring Quest - Thais, Ancient Temple


Lighthouse Quest - Thais

Cyclops were trapped in the basement of the lighthouse and forced to manufacture weapons.

Minotaur Leather Quest - Thais

South of Thais there is a mysterious raft.

Scale Armor Quest - Thais

The traveler hid his armor well and left a trap for the robbers.

Throwing Star Quest - Ancient Temple


and other hidden tasks.

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