The island has secrets!

Name NPC Promotion Location Description Prize
Banana Quest no East of the city.

The local miller will give you a reward for a certain ingredient for the dough.

Captain Iglues Treasure Quest no North-west part of Rookgaard.

Captain Iglue hid his salmon supplies somewhere deep in the cave.

Combat Knife Quest no City underground.

You can find a hidden combat knife in the old armory.

Doublet Quest no City underground.

Some people hid in the cellar of the barn.

Goblin Temple Quest yes Hunting part for premium players on Rookgaard.

Can you outsmart the goblins and tear the treasure from their hands?

Katana quest no Northeast of Rookgaard.

To get the strongest weapon on the new island, you have to undertake this difficult task.

Rapier Quest no City underground.

In the old armory, you can find a hidden sword.

Rat Quest no City underground.

Certain NPCs will pay you for each rat they kill.

Short Sword Quest no Eastern part of the Rookgaard island.

The traveler forgot her book.

Student Book Quest no Underground academy on Rookgaard.

In the academy, you can find the hidden book.

Tutorial Quest no In the south of the island.

Help players starting their adventure with Tibia. (Learning the essentials)

Bear Room Quest no The underground north of the city.

The bear is guarding the great treasure.

Dragon Corpse Quest no Eastern part of the Rookgaard island.

In the basement of the island you can find the hidden body of a dragon.

Honey Flower Quest yes Northwest of Rookgaard.

The evil wasps are guarding a flower on their tower for which we can get an interesting item.

Minotaur Hell Quest no The underground north of the city.

There is an evil lurking in the basement of the island that must be suppressed.

Pick Quest no Rookgaard and its surroundings.

If you get the Small Axe, you will get a reward in the store at All Dee's.

Present Quest no Underground Rookgaard.

Get the Backpack from the chest and exchange the Present you found for the Legion Helmet. The best possible helmet on Rookgard.

Small Health Potion Quest yes Rookgaard.

NPC Billy has an interesting thing for you in exchange for a frying pan.

and other hidden tasks.

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