Gumis-Real - Hard Server

Top 3 PowerGamers

+ Lee
Experience: 0
+ Shooter
Experience: 0
+ Psychoza
Experience: 0

Top 3 Richest

+ Kaczak
Balance: 13,881gp
+ Dyzio
Balance: 2,000gp
+ Zyzio
Balance: 2,000gp
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Server Rules

§1 Names

§1.1 Names containing offensive, racist, sexist, extreme right-wing words are forbidden.

§1.2 Names containing sentence fragments, meaningless letter combinations, incorrect formatting are forbidden.

§2 Cheating

§2.1 Deliberate use of weak points in the game, e.g. blocking the passages, preventing other players from playing the game is prohibited.

§2.2 Any attempted fraud or account fraud is prohibited.

§2.3 Trading accounts, characters, items for currency other than the one on the server is prohibited.

§2.4 The use of glaring bugs in the "bugs" game for personal gain is forbidden and requires notification to the administration.

§2.5 The use of very gross errors in the game / engine, e.g. to crash the server, and thus acting to the detriment of the server and the game, is prohibited and is subject to immediate notification to the administration.

§3 Players

§3.1 Deliberate, repeated harassment of other players is not allowed.

§3.2 Repeated insulting other players as well as directing real threats towards them is prohibited.

§3.3 Deliberately misleading the Administration, or re-submitting reports, as well as undermining the decision whether the Administration is prohibited.

§4 BOT

§4.1 An instant tool to carry out activities for us is prohibited and is subject to report on the player who is using the illegal software.

§4.2 Multi Clients - active game, incl. (killing players, completing quests, leveling up) on more than one account is prohibited.and the game, is prohibited and is subject to immediate notification to the administration.

These rules may be changed at any time without informing the player.